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New Year's Eve in a special place with live music, 5-course menu & more ...

Celebrate at the historic Parkhotel Putbus building on the Schlosspark New Year's Eve.

You can expect a champagne reception, a 5-course dinner and an evening event with DJ & live music by well-known party artists and fireworks at midnight.

Afterwards we celebrate until the morning with dancing and music and even snacks after midnight.
Our staff will take care of you throughout the evening.

There will also be an indoor playroom for your children, another room with a UHD beamer and children's TV channel to enjoy a nice evening.

Should you arrive from further afield, you can also book the right room for you, your partner or an entire group. Our hotel is only available to guests who have booked the special day in combination on New Year's Eve.

Mood is therefore guaranteed to be present as this New Year's Eve evening is exclusively marketed exclusively and is limited.

We already announce the prices in spring 2020.