Health insurance subsidies

Have a cure trip paid by the health insurance

A spa trip is an investment in the present and future of your health. Therefore, a health holiday without health complaints a blessing for body, mind and soul. The German health insurance companies have recognized this and support your health project in many ways.

First and foremost, spa trips are aimed at people with health problems. Therefore, your family doctor and your health insurance decide on the necessity and approval of a cure.

Of course, you can book your spa and relaxation holiday in our selected holiday destinations and hotels without subsidy or approval of your health insurance.

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A cure, also called ambulatory precautionary measure, can be applied for every four years. To grant them, several steps are necessary:

➊ First of all, a visit to your family doctor is required, which certifies the medical necessity of an outpatient precautionary measure.

➋ With your health insurance you can now submit the spa application with the medical certificate and other forms.

➌ After approving the precautionary measure, select your destination, your travel date and the accommodation and pay for the trip.

➍ Now your relaxing spa stay can begin. At the end of your holiday, use the spa card to obtain a confirmation of the treatment and costs (in German language and prices of applications in euros) for your health insurance company, which you then submit for reimbursement.

➎ Refund by your health insurance.

If your spa application is not approved, but you still want to actively do something for your health, there is the possibility of preventive travel.

prevention travel
The health insurances also known as "compact offers for health care outside the place of residence," are subsidized with an amount of up to 150, - per year. Find out from your health insurance provider, as it sets its own criteria for prevention travel.

This page contains general information about possible health insurance subsidies. Since each health insurance has its own criteria, we assume no liability for reimbursement by your health insurance.

A detailed list of the treatments received is essential for submission to the health insurance. Please inquire in advance about the details required by your health insurance
this list. Please inform the on-site doctor or medical staff right at the beginning of your holiday that you will need a detailed list of all received medical treatments at cost before you leave. Please note that some hotels charge a fee for this elaborate service.

Bring your medical findings and ECG evaluations from home to the initial medical consultation at the resort.
This is very helpful for the selection of your applications for the spa doctor.

The trip must first be paid by the traveler himself. It is essential that the health insurance has given the promise of reimbursement before booking.